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Background to GCG (Asia) Ltd.

GCG (Asia) Ltd.

GCG (Asia) is a specialist geotechnical consultancy that was established in Hong Kong in 1998 by Tom Henderson and Andrew Pickles in partnership with the Geotechnical Consulting Group of London. The group has grown to meet demand and in early 2002 appointed a new Director - Eric Li. The resident Directors of GCG (Asia) have spent a combined period of over 40 years working in the region. GCG (Asia) now employs 15 full time professional staff, all of whom bring an individual area of expertise to the group. The success of GCG (Asia) is apparent in its diverse project portfolio which includes completion of over 200 projects in locations such as Australia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Dubai, Qatar, Macau, mainland China as well as numerous projects in Hong Kong.

The origins of GCG

The Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG) Ltd was established in 1983 and is widely recognised as one of the world's premier independent geotechnical consultants. GCG has established a reputation for developing innovative geotechnical solutions to technically demanding civil engineering problems. GCG's capabilities draw on developments in engineering theory, research and practice from around the world and have been applied over many years of consulting to industry, government bodies, and research institutions. Since its formation in 1983 GCG has been engaged by more than 200 clients from more than 50 countries. Members of GCG serve on several professional technical committees and have served as specialist geotechnical advisors to clients, consultants and contractors in areas of civil engineering as diverse as offshore oil and gas, underground railways, large dams, power stations, port and harbour works, river training, and slope works.

Further information on GCG in London including the expertise of the various GCG staff, is available from GCG (Asia) directly or can be viewed on GCG's website through the links that are provided.

Liaison between the companies

The founding Directors of GCG (Asia) have worked with GCG in London prior to their arrival in South East Asia and Prof David Hight, one of the founding Directors of GCG in London, participates as an active Director of GCG (Asia). Working closely together as projects demand and facilitating the exchange of staff between the two offices ensures personnel with the most appropriate skills and expertise are available for project work in Asia.

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